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Adam Cruces and Louisa Gagliardi
For Seasons, Zurich

– Can you first introduce yourselves and talk about For Seasons?

Adam is originally from Houston, Texas and Louisa is originally from Sion, Valais. For Seasons is one of our collaborations in which we invite a different artist to present a single work in our apartment’s living room for the duration of a season. Their contributions ultimately become part of the For Seasons collection. Our project started in January 2018, will be moving to its third location soon, and currently includes 22 artists at different stages in their careers.

– How are the aims of For Seasons connected to ideas of privacy, domesticity and accessibility?

While we are art lovers, we don’t keep much work on display around the house. For Seasons is really about giving a single artist/ artwork the spotlight for 3 months. Our goal was to create a low key and casual setup for the project that complements the calmness associated with one’s home environment. Although there are many projects based in apartments, ours is geared towards a more organic and passive interaction with the audience. There are so many art exhibitions, fairs, biennials, etc. we don’t intend to add to the noise (too much). With no opening or closing receptions, the audience is our social and professional network who happen upon our flat naturally. Of course we are open to strangers passing by to visit the project too.

– What is the incentive behind the artworks you include in your collection?

We thought of creating an art collection together as part of our collaborative practice. However, we didn’t want to go around conventionally purchasing works, putting them in storage, and calling it a collaborative collection. We wanted to create a format that invites a response to the context of our living space. The artists are encouraged to engage the specifics of our domestic surroundings for a season. Each piece gets lived with. It’s always exciting to put up a new work, but it’s also a little sad to take it down at the end of its allotted duration.

– What are some of the long-term goals of For seasons? How do you imagine the future of the collection, its circulation, maintenance and expansion?

The structure for the project was intended to be low maintenance, since it only focuses on one work at a time and it only changes 4 times a year. But we are considering taking an indefinite pause after we move into our new place next month. The collection will still be viewable online via the For Seasons website and Instagram. At some point it would be great to present all of the collection together for a For Seasons exhibition in a non-domestic living situation.

– What do you wish to see from artists in the near future?

Pushing the boundaries of art, taking more risks, and having more fun.

Adam Cruces and Louisa Gagliardi are artists based in Zurich. Individually, their practices have quite different approaches and concerns. On one hand, Gagliardi’s paintings delve into realms of personal space and the subconscious. On the other hand, Cruces’ work explores notions of the familiar and the foreign in relation to daily life. The collaboration collapses their independent approaches, resulting in themes touching on intimacy, sensuality, and physicality. As partners inside and outside of the professional context, Cruces and Gagliardi have designated their collaborative output as Couple.